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All we ever wanted was to keep you
Nestled safely under our wings
Until yours were strong enough
To fly the high places
Find open spaces
And build your own home.
All we ever needed was to
Keep our Eyes on you
Until you could see farther
To see the high places
Watch open spaces
And make them your own.
All we ever wished for
Was to give you strong wings
To be there when you tested them
Against the windy places
And newfound spaces
Of shattered dreams gone.
All we ever hoped for
Was to be there if you fall.
Tell you that you
Won't always be small
And truly high places
Await he who flies again.
Now we must find the faith
That you are soaring in places
New spaces we simply cannot see.
That someone new watches over you
Helping you watch over me
Until we find our way home.

~Author Unknown~

Dear sweet angel Lauren,

The words do not exist in the human language to express the pain and sorrow we have experienced at your death. We miss you so much more than mere words could ever describe. One minute you were here, a part of our lives, the next minute,in the blink of an eye, you were gone. Though you are still a huge part of our family we long for your physical presense. Your spirit remains behind in our hearts, thoughts and memories. You will never, ever be forgotten, that's a promise.

When Christopher and Faith grow up and have children those children will know all about "Aunt Lauren". We tell people about our "angel in heaven" all the time. You and your story about the angels have touched so very many lives, people who may live on the other side of the world take a second look at their own children and give them that extra hug or two. People who have strayed away from The Lord have seeked Him out again after visiting your site and reading your story.

You were chosen by God for a special purpose, He needed you. We know that you live on and that your spirit soars on high sweet Lauren. We know that you are happy beyond imagining, that you will suffer no more and that you are waiting for your loved ones to join you.

You have always been "special" and you always, always will.

Happy third anniversary Lauren!!

All Our Love forever and ever,

Your Family

The song you are listening to is titled "I Believe", and is performed by Diamond Rio, the lyrics are below. To me, and I'm sure to many who are seeing this page, these words are so true. It's a beautiful song and so perfect for this page.

God bless you and thank you for visiting Lauren's memorial site.
Lauren's Nanny


Every now and then soft as breath upon my skin
I feel you come back again
And itís like you havenít been gone a moment from my side
Like the tears were never cried
Like the hands of time are holding you and me
And with all my heart Iím sure weíre closer than we ever were
I donít have to hear or see, Iíve got all the proof I need
There are more than angels watching over me
I believe, I believe
That when you die your life goes on
It doesnít end here when youíre gone
Every soul is filled with light
It never ends and if Iím right
Our love can even reach across eternity
I believe, I believe
Forever, youíre a part of me
Forever, in the heart of me
And Iíll hold you even longer if I can
The people who donít see the most
Say that I believe in ghosts
And if that makes me crazy, then I am
ĎCause I believe
There are more than angels watching over me
I believe, I believe