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What does Heaven look like?
Is it pretty, is it white?
Is there only goodness up there?
Does it always shine so bright?
Do the stars reach up to Heaven?
Can you hold one in your hands?
Does the ocean gleam with silver?
Can you run on golden sands?
Is it filled with tiny angels?
Are there halos on their heads?
Are they dressed in silk pajamas?
Do they sleep on clouds for beds?
Do the angels watch from Heaven?
All the things we do each day?
Did they get unhappy with me
On the night I didn't pray?
Are there gardens up in Heaven?
Do the flowers bloom all year?
Is their fragrance that much sweeter
Than it is in gardens here?
Is there music up in Heaven?
Do the angels dance around?
Are there harps and trumpets playing?
Do they make a joyous sound?
Are there lambs in Heaven's meadows?
Are there doves in Heaven's skies?
Are there places you can play with
Brightly colored butterflies?
Are there pets allowed in Heaven?
Fuzzy kittens running free?
If I saw my puppy up there
Do you think he'd come to me?
Are there pillars draped with satin?
Are there benches made of gold?
Can you live up there forever
Without ever growing old?
Oh, I may not know the answers,
But I know where Heaven starts;
When I show my love for others,
I know Heaven's in my heart.

Author Unknown

Happy Birthday In Heaven Sweet Lauren
We love you soooooooo much!!

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The beautiful angel graphic above made by Amanda Bowden, mom to
angel Hannah Louise
Lorrie Morgan singing "If You Came Back From Heaven"