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Here you will find links to different sites around the internet
that have honored Lauren by creating a memorial page or listing her name. Each one is very special and greatly appreciated.
Thank you all very much.

Each link will open in a new window to make it easy for you to return here.

This is the very first online memorial ever made for Lauren, it was made by Tonya Richards, mother to angels Kevin, Amanda and Craig who were all killed in a tragic auto accident on 08/07/1987.
Celebrations Of Life Memorials

This page was made by Sonya Pace, mother to angel Jonathan Duane Pace. Jonathan went to Heaven June 14, 1999 when he was only five years old after developing Bacterial Meningitis.
Angel Kisses Memorials

This page was made by Patricia Kusila, mother to angels Matthew Joseph Kusila (12/20/1973-08/07/1993) and Steven Joseph Amato (08/25/1989-09/11/90)
In God's Hands Memorial Pages

Thia page was made by Kathryn Ledbury mother to angel Jennifer Lynn Handley, Jenn was killed in a car accident 07/7/00, she had just turned 22 years of age.
Jenn's Friends In Heaven

This page was made by Amanda Bowden, mother to angel Hannah Louise Bowden. Hannah was born at 22 weeks gestation, she spent her entire 8 days on earth fighting for life, she went to heaven in August of 1994.
Heavens Angels

This page was made by me, it is part of another site where I create memorials for others.
Memorials By Joyce

This is the virtual quilt made by the group Spreading Smiles. This site is owned by a very special lady named Dixie Lawrence. I am also a quilter for the group.
Spreading Smiles

On this page you can see the beautiful angel pin that was created by Rosemary Trevino a jewelry designer in Texas.
Designs By Rosemary

Below is a list of sites that have that have added Lauren's photo and/or name. OneMoreDayWithYou.html