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~~Megan Christine Robinson~~

~~David Thomas Robinson Jr.~~
These are two angels watching over those who love them! They are missed dearly but we know that they are waiting for us.
~~Kyrie Emmanuel Ray~~
~~Born An Angel~~November 3,1999~~
~Mommy and Daddy grieve~
Thank you for your gift to us, you picked out a wonderful baby brother and delivered him to us safely. Although we never got to hear you cry, or see you smile, we miss you more than words can ever tell. We love you so much.You changed our lives forever.
~~Jason Christopher Dunn~~
Son of Leroy and Susan Dunn. Brother of Leroy Dunn III, Father of Chelsea Marie and Gregory Jason Christopher Dunn, Fiance of Tammi Lynn Williams and best friend of Darrin Brhaney.
~~Dallas Cole Grubbs~~
Santa is still going to see you and I Love You........ Mommy
~~Dominic James Perez~
We know that Heaven is a more beautiful place with you there. We miss you more with every passing day. You are forever in our hearts until the day we meet again..... Love,Mommy, Daddy and your brother Keandre
~~Dustin Wyatt Bishop~~
~~Born Sleeping~~
Mommy and Daddy thank you so much for the safe delivery of your baby sister, Graysee Gaile. You'll always be missed and loved until we meet again...
~~Steven Tyler Gartman~~
Nana, Mummy, daddy and your family miss you soooo badly Tylerand we look so forward to seeing you and holding you in Heaven my little Angel. Until then, be healthy and happy in God's arms..... Love Forever, Nana
~~Shannon Zimmerman~~
Midland Ontario, Canada
You were always an Angel here on earth so we know you're an Angel In Heaven. Keep watching over us until we meet again..... Love Ya!!
~~James Victor Zimmerman~~
Penetanguishene, Ontario
Dad, thinking of you always, We know you're in a good place, you're with Shannon. Love you always. Your Family xoxo
~~Nicholas Harris~~
"Nicholas My Love"
You are dearly missed and thought of everyday. You are here whether the sun is shining or it's raining. Asleep or awake you are always within our hearts.....Love Mom, your brother, Bryan, sister Dawn and nephew Clint.
~~Laura Cay Boren~~
"Survivor, Friend, Hero"
Went through so much in life and has received a great reward in Heaven. We all love and miss you so very much.....Mom, Bekah, Christopher, Iesha, Chessy and Daisy and the rest of the family
~~Christopher Stevphen Ball~~
~~August 2, 2000~~
~~Born Into Heaven~~
Dad and I miss you every day. You are the greatest joy we have ever had. We will see you in Heaven someday and we will be a family again. You are gone from us but you will never, ever be forgotten. Until we meet again.... We love you...Mom and Dad
~~Ernest E. Bolton~~
Complications from treatment of Hodgkins Disease
What the catarpillar thinks is the end of life, the butterfly thinks is only the beginning..... Wonderful husband, father and grandfather and missed terribly by his daughter-in-law.
~~Gary A. Ruggerio~~
Car accident
A butterfly lights beside us, like a sunbeam, and for a brief moment it's glory and beauty belong to our world. But then it flies on again, and although we wish it could have stayed, We are so thankful to have seen it at all.......Amazing friend to so many, Gary you are missed every day. Keep Justin safe until Tara can join him again.
~~Justin Francis Benson~~
It is not the will of our Father in Heaven,that one of these little ones should perish.
Matthew 18:14
Son, brother, grandson, nephew, brother and friend.
~~David Edward Lowe~~
Sleep in peace my brave little man. You have lived Forever in my heart...I love you so... Mum
~~Justin Allen Melton~
Justin was a volunteer firefighter who died after his "backup" left him and he wasn't missed for quite a while. Very much loved, missed and thought of often by his mom, Linda A. Melton. He answered the "last call". A Hero!! A much loved and wanted son and my only living child....I miss him so!!
~~Stephen Wesley Melton~~
30 weeks gestation.
Brother to Justin.
I never got to hold him but I think of him everyday..... Love, mom
~~Baby Townsend~~
Doctors negligence
~~Jennifer Victoria Crowder~~
Beloved Mother, Daughter, Aunt
~~John Berry Belford~~
Daddy you are missed so much. You'll always be my daddy no matter what. The day will come when we will meet again. What a joyful day that will be..... Love always your one and only "little girl" and Jasmine's grandma
~~Jasmine Marie Jiminez~~
Forever will you be loved, Forever will you stay in our hearts, Forever will you be our Angel girl, Fly our Angel, Fly high...Love..... Mommy, Daddy, Brothers, Grandma & Grandpa Garrett
~~Travis Trenton Harris~~
Travis...We miss you and love you with all of our hearts..... Your Mother and Father, Aunt, Uncles and Cousins.
~~Matthew Ryan Taylor~~
Born three months too soon.
He is greatly missed and loved by his Mommy, Daddy, brother Timmy and litle sister Rachael.

In loving memory of the thousands of people who lost their lives in the terrorist attack on The United States of America..
September 11,2002
God Bless The USA!!
~~Patricia (Trish) Homick~~
Rest in peace Trish....We all love you...
Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandma, Aunts Diane, Sherry, Michelle, Jeri and Tammy and your two little baby girls. (Joyce and family)
~~Janie L. White~~
In Loving Memory of "Mama"
...We Love You....Your kids... ...Carolyn, Keith, Lori, David and Jerry... ...Your 12 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild...
~~Miss Me But Let Me Go~~
~~Ann Rothwell~~
~~November 26,2001~~
Ann will be dearly missed. She was a big inspiration in many lives and will always be in our prayers. even though she only lived sixteen years she accomplished many goals and she never wasted a minute. She will always be loved....Love from all your friends. We miss you...
~~Brett Clayton Hogan~~
~~Clayton Lee Hogan~~
Both lost their lives in car accidents and are in the arms of Jesus.
Loved and missed by many
~~Mary Lydia Mock-Chew~~
~~Reuben Marco Eskaran Jr.~~
"Mako Boy"
~~Jakob Andrew Wachtel~~
~~Born Sleeping 02/27/2000~~
Very much loved and missed by his family.
~~Robert Hampton Smith~~
Parents-Hamp and Saralyn Smith
Robbie, though you grew so tall, you will always be my little baby, my "Honey Bunny" We all love you and miss you and we will see you someday in Heaven soon..... Love and Hugs, Mom
~~Shawn Daniel Cook~~
Beloved Son-Brother-Friend
Till we meet again on the other side
~~Benjamin Christian Murdock~~
~~Bruce Alan Hayes~~
I love and miss you so much Daddy. Even though it's been twenty years you are always in my heart and my thoughts. You have been reunited with Ryan, my baby brother and your granddaughter, Katarina. I wish we would have had more time together but I know we will all be reunited again one day...... Love, your daughter Melissa and your grandsons Vincent and Dalton
~~Ryan Nathaniel Hayes~~
Car/bike accident
Baby brother we miss you so much words can't describe. Although your time here on earth was short I know your task is complete. Now you have a special purpose in Heaven. You are safe now and have been reunited with Daddy and little did I know you'd be watching over your niece too..... We love you Buddy. Missy, Lance and your nephews Vincent and Dalton
~~Katarina Jean-Marie Mortensen~~
Probable Sids
Katarina my precious angel, to think I called you that even before you were born and now you are an angel. Baby girl we miss you more than words can say. You will never be forgotten and will never leave our hearts or our minds. We will be with you again someday, this I know. One more day, one more time, one more sunset maybe I'd be satisfied. But than again I know what it would do, leave me wishing still for one more day with you..... We love and miss you my angel, Mommy, Daddy and your big brothers Vincent and Dalton
~~Zane Wayne Macdonald~~
I love you little boy...Mommy
~~Ashley Danelle Kinnish~~
Born 3 months premature
~~Kinnish Twins~~
Miscarried April 12th and 15th at 10 weeks gestation.
~~Steven Andrew Manning~~
Gone but not forgotten
~~Kieran Tyler Shane Emory~~
~~Born To Heaven 02/28/2002~~
~~Jeremy Patrick Landeck~~
~~Loved and missed deeply~~
~~Monroe Plott~~
Dad you are missed so much there isn't a day goes by that I don't think of you. Till we meet again,... Love, Your daughter Lisa and grandsons
~~Carolyn Faye Plott~~
Mom you are missed so much there isn't a day goes by that I don't think of you. I miss you so much. Until we meet again. I love you with all my heart and soul... Your daughter Lisa and grandchildren
~~Darrel Plott~~
You are truly missed-you will be forever in my heart... Your little sister Lisa Changet

~~Donna H. Cameron~~

~~Christian Alexander Mendoza~~
Your mommy loves you and will always remember the little time she spent with you. Although it was a little while, that memory will last a life time. I will see you soon my baby boy, wait for me.... Love Mommy, Abuela, Yoly, Gaby, Tita, Rene, Vincent, Danny Samantha, Veronica, Bianca, Ashley, Vanessa, Angelee and Danielle


~~Bailey Madison "Maddie" Hammonds~~

~~Jim Kerry Webb~~
HERO to the very end....Mom, Anne, Lisa, John, Janice, Andy, Lyndsey, Matt, Kasey, Kerry Bryan, J.J., Aaron, Kami, Kerri Anne, Katie, Brandon, Kayden and Nikki.

~~Myrtle Jewel Keel~~
We love you and are so thankful God chose you to be our " Nonna"..... Lawanna, Anne, Lisa, John, Janice, Kerry..Andy, Lyndsey, Matt, Kasey, Kerry Bryan, J.J., Aaron, Kami, Kerri Anne, Katie, Brandon, Kayden, and Nikki.

~~Betty Pauline Daniel~~
We love you and miss you so much.. Lawanna, Anne, Lisa, John, Janice, Kerry..Andy, Lyndsey, Matt, Kasey, Kerry Bryan, J.J., Aaron, Kami, Kerri Anne, Katie, Brandon, Kayden, and Nikki.

~~Montana Cheyann Parrish~~
~~10/22/1999 ~~10/22/1999~~
Our little Angel, Forever Loved
Vera and John jr

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