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This is Lauren's last
school picture taken just 
a few weeks before she died.


Lauren is the oldest child of three. The first for Mom and Dad and our first grandchild. She was a typical little girl ( 9 going on 14 ) too big for her britches and all the other good stuff that comes with raising a child, but she was a very good kid. She loved her family and was always helpful to others. She loved all animals, especially horses and dreamed of owning one ( a promise that Daddy never got to fulfill). Her resting place is right next to a horse ranch.

This was taken at Wal-Mart
fifteen minutes before the crash

She was definitly a tomboy ( but also had a very feminine side, she had a pink go-cart ) she would play and climb trees with the best of the boys in the neighborhood. She was a good student and was well liked by teachers, staff and other students.

Another of the last photos taken,
she was age 9

She would sometimes go spend the weekend with her grandmother Mary, they were also close , Mary was driving the car that took Lauren's life along with her own and Aunt Darlene. I know that Mary loved her and would never do anything to harm her. Lauren died in her grandmothers lap.

Age 8 at a friends house
just being Lauren

About five months before the accident Lauren started saying that she was seeing Angels. I am sorry to say that we blew it off as a childs vivid imagination, but now we know it wasn't her imagination, they were real....

Taken when she was seven
and one of my favorites

The first time she talked about seeing Angels was when she was spending the night at my nieces house...Lauren loved Jennifer and enjoyed spending time with her and her son Jesse (Lauren and Jesse were very, very close cousins ). Jennifer had put the two kids to bed and after a little while Lauren called for her, when Jennifer went in to the room Lauren told her that there were two Angels in there and that they were going to take her. Jennifer comforted her and told her that she saw nothing. When she questioned her about the Angels later, Lauren said " I promise Jennifer, I saw them."

Lauren, Christopher and Faith
taken at the zoo a year
or so before her death

On a few other occasions at home Lauren told her Mother that there were Angels in her room and were under her covers, her mother would go look and of course she saw nothing , they weren't meant for any one else to see. One night Mommy heard Lauren saying..." I love Jesus...Go away Angels "...over and over.

Lauren Age 3, she was just
too cute for words

I believe with all my heart that she saw those Angels and when I questioned her she was adamant about it. I thank God every day for those Angels..not just for her but also for my family...we are now in Church and serving the Lord. We owe that to an innocent little girl who was so special in Gods eyes that He sent her Angels. At the time of this writing it has been 4/12 months since she left us and I am personally having a very hard time accepting what has happened. My Faith in God is the only thing that keeps me from losing my mind...this is so painful !!

Age about 2, she got out of
the car and came running to me

I remember the last words that Lauren and I spoke to each other...the greatest three words in the human language...I Love You...I can still see her face and hear her voice as she spoke those words to me...I am blessed to have that memory and I will treasure it always. I always told Lauren that she was my "Special Angel" and now she truly is.

Lauren age 16 months
around Easter 1992

I imagine her in Heaven singing , praising God and helping take care of all the little babies. A friend of mine told me that God's time and our time are different and that in God's time I can look forward to seeing her again in two or three hours. I will hold on to that until it is my time to go home. I miss her so much my heart breaks, she will always own a special piece of that 'ole heart.

Lauren Newborn...
I fell madly in love!!

I also belive the photographs taken just minutes before her death are a gift from lucky we are to have them. I know that God has a special purpose for her and we can't question His will no matter how badly you just want to scream out...Why God Why ?...And one more thing...we can't forget this... Jesus Loves Her Too !!!!

Our Angel In Heaven
It has now been nearly 19 months since Lauren passed away. I can honestly say that it has not gotten any eaiser to accept. She is dearly loved and missed every second of every day. We talk of her often and keep her memory alive for her brother and sister. They too have had a tough time dealing with such a great loss at a very young age. Life is not the same nor will it ever be. The loss of a child is the most devastating thing one could experience. It is such an incredible loss that I can't find the words to describe the pain. Anyone who has lost a child can certainly understand this. It's unparralel to any other loss, there's no comparison. I have had people who have lost a parent, grandparent or sibling say, "I know how you feel", but they don't really know. How could they? It's not the same!!

Lauren...We will always, always love you. You are still a huge part of our everday lives. Until we meet again in Heaven...

The front of her headstone

This and precious memories are what we have now!!

The back of her headstone


All Our Love...Your Family

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I Love You Lauren

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