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The poetry on this page was written in memory of our sweet Lauren Marie
©2000 2001 2002 All rights reserved

"Lauren Marie"

My sweet little girl went to Heaven,
I did not get to say goodbye.
I had no idea that she would die.
I wish I could tell her one more time,
That I love her,
Sometimes I wonder,
Did she really know?

Lauren, if you can hear me,
I want you to know that I love you,
I think about you all the time,
I wonder why you had to go?

Love, Mother
Kristine, Lauren's Mommy

"An Angel In Our Midst"

Two weeks before Christmas is when she arrived.
A beautiful baby girl, with deep blue eyes,
Mom and Dad's first child, tender and true,
The first one for Nanny and Papa too.

We all fell in love at the very first sight,
Of that precious baby with eyes so bright,
We called her "Lauren Marie", after the nurse,
Who helped bring our baby onto this earth.

The toddler years went by fast, it seemed,
Growing into a young lady, with eyes that beamed,
She was a special little girl, with a heart so kind,
But boy, did she have a strong, willful mind.

Smart and pretty, tried and true,
She loved her family, and Jesus too,
Before we knew it, she was nine years old,
A beautiful girl, with a heart of gold.

She began seeing Angels at night in her bed,
Little did we know, she soon would be dead,
On April,16,2000, He called her home,
Never more this earth to roam.

The Angels He sent to escort her there,
So she would not be alone or scared,
Thank you Lord God, for sending them, you see,
It's renewed our family's Faith in Thee.

Lauren, we love you and miss you so,
You're safe in His arms as He holds you close,
You were always an Angel, since your birth,
You are still an Angel, but no longer on earth.

Keep doing the work He called you to do,
We'll all be together again, when the time is true.

Always on our minds and forever in our hearts...

Joyce Allman, Lauren's Nanny

"Dear Heavenly Father"

Dear Heavenly Father,
I ask of Thee,
Shine your light, and set me free,
Free from sorrow and from pain,
Make me whole, to live again.

Heal my heart and let me know,
Why my Lauren had to go,
Taken away in the blink of an eye,
Oh, Father, Did she have to die ?

Dear child of mine,
I'll tell you Dear,
My light you see, my voice you hear,
Your Faith will free you from the pain,
The sorrow too, you'll live again.

Your heart will heal when time is due,
She's here with me, waiting for you,
She's free from sorrow, she'll never cry,
And, yes, she lives, she'll never die !!

Joyce Allman
In Memory Of Lauren

"One Year Without You"

One year without you,
How can it be?
It seems so unreal,
So impossible to me.

One year without you,
Can that be right?
I ask myself this question,
Each day and each night.

One year without you,
No smile from your face,
No sound of your voice,
Not even a trace.

One year without you,
12 months have gone by,
I still can't believe it,
Did you really die?

We Love You Sweet Lauren, Your Family

Written by Joyce Allman
Copyright 2001

"Eternal Emotion"

Sleep now, my dearest daughter, my friend,
As night draws each difficult day to an end.
I will remember your smile and sing you a rhyme,
As I've laid you to rest for the very last time.

So sad now, my closest one,
I feel hurt and confused by what has been done.
You were stolen away quickly, without warning or sound,
In emotional limbo, a river of silent, inner tears run down.

Leave now, my fondest one,
No more time to play, or races to run.
Called away to Heaven's timeless path, taken from me,
No more of this earthbound life, your soul is set free.

So sleep now, beloved one,
Eternal memories to always linger on.
I will forever remember you no matter where you are,
Take care, my Angel, my eternal shining star.

Written by Stacy Bruneaux, Our cousin

"I Can Still Feel You"

I feel you in the sunshine,
In the middle of the day,
And in the depth of darkness,
When I bow my head to pray.

I feel you when I'm lonely,
And at my weakest times,
Then when I'm somewhat happy,
You're still on my mind.

I feel you when I'm crying,
When my heart is torn to shreds,
Your spirit still surrounds me,
Sends sweet memories through my head.

I feel you when I'm wide awake,
And struggling through the day,
I feel you in my dreams at night,
While in my bed I lay.

I feel your presence near me,
In every thing I do,
I know that you're still with me,
Lauren, my "Little Girl Blue.

Joyce Allman

"Little Girl Blue"

Little girl, little girl, little girl blue,
Why do I always think of you?
Little girl, little girl, little girl mine,
Yes you were, once upon a time.

Little girl, little girl, little girl lost,
I loved you and lost you, the ultimate cost.
Little girl, little girl, little girl with wings,
My little girl's in Heaven and all the Angels sing.

Joyce Allman

"Soar High Sweet Angel"

Soar high sweet Angel,
As the other Angels sing,
Their welcome song to Heaven,
And guide you with their wings.

Soar high sweet Angel,
My little precious one.
And make your way to Glory,
To the Father and the Son.

Soar high sweet Angel,
Your Angel wings you wear,
God has a special plan for you,
That's why He took you there.

Soar high sweet Angel,
And save my place beside you,
In Heaven where we'll meet again,
When my life on earth is through.

Soar high sweet Angel,
My love will never perish,
You'll forever be my Angel,
Sweet memories I'll cherish.

Soar high sweet Angel,
I know you had to go,
I miss you more than words can say,
But I know that you know.

Soar high sweet Angel,
Don't worry 'bout a thing.
Enjoy your life in Heaven,
While worshiping the King.

I love you my sweet Angel,
My beautiful Lauren Marie,
My Angel now in Heaven,
You're waiting there for me.

Joyce Allman

"When The Stars Twinkle At Night"

When the stars twinkle at night,
I know she's looking down,
Because she's up in Heaven,
And no longer wears a frown.

She's my "Special Angel", Lauren,
A gift from God above,
He loaned her for a little while,
So I could know true love.

She was only nine years old,
This granddaughter of mine.
I love her, need her, miss her,
Think of her all the time,

But I am patiently waiting,
To be with her again,
When Jesus comes to get me,
And takes me home with Him.

Joyce Allman
May 2000.

"Till We Meet Again"

Our sweet precious Lauren,
An Angel so true,
Has gone on to Heaven,
Oh, how we miss you.

You taught us so much,
About love here on earth,
From the moment we held you,
After your birth.

But since your passing,
You've taught us even more,
About God and his mercy,
You opened the door.

Because of your death,
Your family will be,
right there beside you,
For all eternity.

And so, sweet Lauren,
This isn't good by,
'Till we meet again,
In our home in the sky.

We love and miss you and always will, You are Always on our minds and forever in our hearts...Your family, Mommy, Daddy, Papa, Nanny, Buddy, Tater Tot, Aunt Dana, Uncle Kevin and Granny.

"Forever Changed"

We seem to take for granted
the important things in life.
Like loved ones, friends or family,
Maybe a husband or a wife.

We think they will always be there
no matter what we do.
But now I know that isn't so, I'm
"Forever Changed" beacause of you.

I no longer take for granted
the things I hold so dear,
I cherish every moment
I have my loved ones near.

We never, ever know just when
our time on earth is through.
I knew instantly that I would be
"Forever Changed" because of you.

No, my life will never be the same
as it always was before,
When you were still a part of earth
Before you knocked on Heaven's door.

And when your knock was answered
and the Angels welcomed you,
God knew right then my life would be,
"Forever Changed" because of you.

Joyce Allman
August 2001


Lauren is in Heaven now,
It's such a wonderful place,
I can close my eyes and see her
With her sweet, smiling face.

We knew her from our youth group,
Each week she was always there,
She was such a precious child,
With her smile, and light blond hair.

Lauren liked our youth group,
Because it was her place to come,
Every Wednesday night,
Where she could really have some fun.

She never got upset,
She always turned the other cheek,
Every time though-when she'd get off the bus,
She'd say "Mrs. Vicki, See ya next week".

Lauren is not here to talk to,
Nor to call on the phone,
But that's because she's resting,
In her new Heavenly home.

She now lives in Heaven,
With the Angels above ,
Looking down on us,
And sending her love.

Friends and family,
And all here today,
She's safely home in Glory,
Where I'm sure she wants to stay.

Brother Barry Davis

(Brother Davis read this poem at Lauren's Memorial Service)


She hears the hushed whispers as she walks in the room,
No one wants to talk about that day of dread and doom;
That was the worst day of my life Mom, I've often heard her say,
The day that she's referring to is the day her baby passed away,

Her baby was her "little girl", her oldest child of three,
She was but a nine year old, when she left her Mom and Me,
My heart breaks for my little girl, but there's nothing I can do,
My daughter lost her baby, I see the pain in her eyes of blue,

I've held her and we've talked about "the way things used to be"
But nothing can erase the pain in those Blue Eyes that I see,
Mom, "I can't go on living" I have heard her say,
I said "Honey you must, for your other children's sake"

"They need you more than ever now", I tell my little girl,
Their sister went to Heaven, Their lives are in a whirl,
They're to young to understand, what you and I both know,
That death is but an ending to this life of strife and woe,

She has found eternal peace where she has gone to live,
She's rejoicing with our maker, Oh, but what I wouldn't give,
To be there right beside her, give her hugs and kiss her face,
And if it were possible, for you, I'd take her place,

But we know that can't happen, it wasn't meant to be,
God would never do that, He knows that you need me,
So when you hear the "Whispers", don't let them make you cry,
Just say a little prayer to God and hold your head up high,

These "Whispers" aren't to do you harm, or cause you any grief,
People just don't really know, we Love to talk of She,
It keeps her memory active, in minds and hearts and souls,
We miss her, but we understand why She had to go,

So when you hear the "Whispers", tell them "It's okay,
She's saving you a place with her, You'll join her again one day.

Written By Joyce Allman
For my daughter, Kristine
In Memory of Lauren
May, 2000

"Mother Of Three"

Will I always be a mother of three?
I often ask myself this question.
I just don't know how it can be.
Only two of my children....
Live here on earth with me.
My daughter, who will always be nine,
Flies in Heaven by Your side.
So I ask you Lord, Please answer me.
Will I always be a Mother of three?
And Lord, what do I say,
When a stranger asks me,
Are you a Mother?
Should I smile and say yes,
I am a Mother of three,
But one was chosen to live
Up above with Thee!!

Kristine Waller
Lauren's Mommy
May 29,2001

"Ode To Lauren"

You were young and beautiful,
And we love you so,
How our hearts break,
Since you're gone,
No one will ever know.

We miss your laugh,
We miss your smile,
Our prayer is to be with you,
In a little while.

We were so blessed to have you,
Our love will never die,
We wonder why we lost you,
We often ask God "why?"

We're not supposed to question Him,
Just have faith and trust and love,
And know that we'll be with you,
When He calls from above.

Shirley Sandage
Lauren's Great Grandmother

"Stefanie's Poem"

Who will stay forever young,
Who will not die by the sun,
Who will not die by the rain,
Who will not be in pain,
Who did not die ,
Who will not cry,
Who is not gone,
Who is here from sun to dawn.
Who will always be alive,
Whether she is nine or five.
Who never left is still here,
It is our Dear Lauren.
You will never be gone,
You will always stay strong.
There is the light from a candle,
On the door is a handle.
There is a freedom,
And you are welcome.
Don't be shy,
Don't start to cry.
We're waiting for you,
It's like a dream come true.
There is no lie,
We will all say Hi.
Lauren, please come back!!

April 12,2001
Stefanie Rijkse
12 years old

"Shhh...Mommy Listen"

Your child went home
Leaving you here all alone.
You can't join your child
So you constantly seek,
Hoping to hear the sweet voice speak
Saing "Mommy, I'm okay",
I heard what you had to say,
You love me and I love you too,
God's Angels are watching over you,
You will be alright.
I know that you are strong.
Please don't look at this
As if it is wrong.
This is where we shall be.
I know someday you will join me.
God and I sing and dance,
We laugh, play and draw.
He is with you too, Mommy.
The only difference is
I can see and hear Him.
He teaches me all
And helps me understand.
This is just a small part
Of His big plan.
Take heart Mommy, for eventually,
You too will hear "The Call"
So for now, close your eyes.
SHHH...Mommy Listen.
Then you can hear what I have to say.
Mommy, I Love You
And everything will be okay.

(In our quiet times we hear God's voice if we listen with our hearts. The loss of a child is so devastating. God allows us to see and know what we seek out. Don't be afraid of the quiet. For there shall we find that for which we seek.)

Written by Kathy Graham
Mother to Michelle Irene Graham

"I Remember"

I Remember Lauren so young, full of life and so pure.
When you saw Lauren she'd give you a great big hug! And if you were feeling down that was the cure!
I remember calling her Lauren Pourin,
a silly thing between us two,
she'd say hello Donna Ponna how are you?
I remember the day Nanny called me at work
and told me the tragic news,
It seemed so unreal and not to clear,
Its hard to believe you’ve been gone a whole year.
I remember the way and style you dressed,
and how you thought Brittany Spears was the best!
I remember you when I hear your song, "I believe I can Fly".
You're in heaven now , and so young, I still ask myself why.
I'll remember you always Lauren Pourin
,you’re on my family picture wall
and in my heart Lauren you will always stand tall!!
I love and think of you often, Donna Ponna

Donna Scott
June 2001

"My Heart, My Child"

Two years since you have gone away
Forever love will always stay
Words are written on my heart
Etched in gold they never part

For way up high within the sky
Always see your wings that fly
Sweet myriad of colors loom
Rainbow's ray our brightest bloom

Smiles you wore now stay with me
Love you gave so naturally
Eyes are stained from tears we've known
Since you left life's earthly home

Turn around and see you there
Look above and say a prayer
Want to hold you once again
All our hearts so filled with pain

Hold me now with gentle wings
Send me peace that you can bring
With lacy wings that hold me near
Need to feel your spirit here

Although you left us you live on
See your smile in every dawn
Light you shine so endlessly
Will send us warmth eternally

Think of you I smile and say
So happy that you passed our way
No day will come when we won't know
Beauty of your special glow

So short and sweet our reveries
With very special memories
Hold you close and won't let go
Our child of life we miss you so.

Francine Pucillo
April 2002

Original artwork by Marty Bell ©.

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