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Hello, my name is Kevin, Lauren's uncle. I would like
to share with you my"Angel Blessing" and how the
Angels that came to see Lauren also helped me.

Up until the night before my niece died I was partying
all the time, drinking almost every night, totally living
life on the edge. I got a D.U.I. about 6 months before
she died and that did not stop me one bit. I still drank
and drove every time I drank, which was quite often.
I was on the verge of hurting myself or someone else,
I just did not care, alcohol was more important to me
at the time.

I wasn't a bad person, I didn't get myself into all kinds
of trouble all the time, I just had a drinking problem.
Not to mention that I did not know "The Lord". I was
what I called "unconvinced". I did not want to believe
in something that I could not see, hear or feel.

Then, my whole world came crashing down, my sweet
"Little Punkin Head" was gone, quicker than I could ever
imagine, as fast as the words "Lauren was in an accident
and she's dead" were said to me by my sister, Dana.

I felt so cold and empty, that night I decided that I should
drink a couple of beers, that's what I always did when
things went wrong. When I went home that night I was
all alone and half drunk, and I mean I really felt alone.
It was one of the worst experiences that I felt of what
was yet to come.

The mixture of grief and drunkeness was more than I
could handle. I fell to the floor in tears and could not
get up for a long time. It was horrible and I did not ever
want to feel like that again.

The next day was the first time I had heard about
"Lauren's Angels". First I heard the story from my
cousin, Jennifer's house, then my sister (Lauren's mom)
shared her story. And just like that,I believed it.
Some way, some how, I knew Lauren saw the
Heavenly Angels.

Later that day I picked up Lauren's Bible and began to
read through it. Then it was as if JESUS came to me
and said "Yes my son, I am here for you".

Within days, I was SAVED and am now a member of the
"First Baptist Church of Palm River". I have not had even
one little sip of alcohol since the night she died nor do I
plan to ever.,

This really proves to me that the Angels are definitely
there for all of us. Without accepting "The Lord",I
really don't think I would have made it through this as
well, if at all. I hope maybe with the help of
"Lauren's Angels" that someone else can be SAVED.
GOD has Blessed me, and may He now Bless you.

Uncle Kevin

Lauren's 2 Year anniversary also marked 2 years of sobriety for Kevin.
Love ya Kev...Mom